What we believe determines what we do. Thank you so much for coming this far and seeing what Surrender stands for and what we believe.

We first and foremost believe that God’s word is not to be changed, but we are to be changed by it. For man does not live on bread and water alone, but on every word that comes from the Father. Therefore, we believe that the Bible is true and, most of all, that it has supreme authority in all areas of life (including birth).

We don’t believe in blindly accepting cultural doctrines; instead, we are looking to have God’s word form us into the image of our Creator. This is a difficult thing to do. As a community of believers, we are to push each other toward Christ by reading His word and seeking the truth, no matter how difficult that may be. We look to scripture to discover truth, not to mold it into something we want to hear.

In view of God’s Mercy and Grace, we are responding to the truth as a community. This site is not necessarily about your birth and your story, but rather how your story paves the way to God’s story of Redemption and Grace during all stages of your birth. We must be doers of the Word, responding to its call and urging each other toward Christ.


God created us. We bear his image, make other image bearers, and subdue the earth; this is called the Imago Dei. Because we are made in His image, this has a great effect on how we view and treat ourselves and how we view and treat others. It implies that all life–whether big or small, black-skinned or white-skinned, fully capable or in need of help–all human life is valuable.


Every step in life is vindicated, verified and validated through Jesus’ incarnation at every point, from conception to death. God, in all his glory, could have come to earth earth in any way, form and fashion that He chose. But He chose conception and every part of the birth process, thus validating and verifying the sanctity of life while it is in the womb.


This truth of God becoming human also validates and sanctifies human suffering. God the son suffers and dies. He doesn’t just die…He both SUFFERS and dies. So when we suffer, we do so knowing that there is a far greater hope and weight of eternal glory stored up for those who are in His son.

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