Surrender Birth desires to change the way we experience birth by acknowledging God’s ultimate authority in and through it, so that He may receive all the glory and we can surrender to Him.

We have a passion for Christian women feeling empowered by their birth experiences.  We want this empowerment to come from knowing they put the Lord at the center of their birth.  We desire for them to surrender to Him whether it is the timing of their conception, their perfectly crafted birth plans, their hopes and dreams for the “perfect” birth…

  • We want women to see His work in their lives throughout their pregnancy, labor and parenting experiences.
  • We desire for women to fall even more in love with Jesus through their Birth experiences.  To see Him in the nuances as well as the big moments.
  • We want to encourage, equip and educate women on how they can surrender all aspects of their lives that they might be able to more greatly surrender their birth to Him.
At Surrender Birth we hope to accomplish this through the following foundational structure. 
Rooted in His Word
Growing in His Promises
Covered by His Grace

when we surrender we can birth for His glory

These are the foundational Promises to Surrendering chosen to build Surrender Birth upon.

We have done a series on these promises and you can read more about them here. 


God’s strength is something we could never achieve on our own. We have to come before Him and recognize he offers a supernatural strength to us, by the Spirit, in times of hardship. This is not a physical strength but a spiritual strength that can translate into physical output through His power.


Courage is a willingness to face physical, mental, and spiritual pain head on, knowing God will be there to hold you up. It is a boldness and a confidence in the face of fear. Courage is the opposite of fear. Our reason for courage is God himself and his perfect plans made manifest in us.


Endurance comes from knowing God’s truth from His Word, as well as the promises He gives to His people. We must also remember God is Sovereign in all things; He knows far more than we can claim to know. We should celebrate with thanksgiving as we remain steadfast on the path.


Hope is the birthplace of self-sacrificing Love (John Piper). We must believe Christ is for us, preserving us, so we do not have to preserve ourselves. Christian hope is knowing fully that if God has promised something, it will come to pass.


The word ‘comfort’ actually means ‘to make strong’. God provides comfort the world cannot provide. He offers a spiritual comfort that translates into physical comfort when we accept and believe He loves us and cares for us. As His word rings in our heads and hearts, we are comforted by His truth.


Knowledge is a confident understanding of God: His will, His way, His desires for us. This knowledge leads to wisdom. We can be confident we will not exchange truth for lie when we know God.


In essence rest is trust, trust in God’s promises. When we have belief in Christ, we recognize the great rest God provided to us on the seventh day, the Sabbath day, which we partake in through Christ. We trust Him with our lives and release the reigns of control. We can rest, let it all go, take a breath, and live in joy when we believe and enter into rest with Christ.


Faith in Christ is first. Faith is something the Lord gives to us when He finds us and saves us from our depravity. Faith is in essence both believing something is true and then trusting by taking action. We must take action with our Faith in Christ and Surrender. We are to believe in the promises of God and then live accordingly.


Through knowing and seeing God, we can put our trust in Him because He is trustworthy. This means trusting Him even when the outcome isn’t what we had planned. Trust is developed through a closeness with God in relationship.


Patience is the companion of humility and the enemy of pride. It is the accepting of delay and change with a confidence in God knowing better. It is the state of someone who recognizes God’s sovereignty as greater than our own.

When our roots have grown deep and we are operating in a place in which Christ is alive and breathing through life with us, we are strongly planted in the foundation of His love and covered by His grace and mercy, knowing we are insufficient in our own power…We can SURRENDER and this changes birth.

This is the HEART of Surrender.


Verb: to yield to the power, control, or possession of another whom we recognize is greater than ourselves.

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