Surrender Birth desires to change the way we experience birth by acknowledging God’s ultimate authority in and through it, so that He may receive all the glory and we can surrender to Him.  

It is easy to fall into a ditch and overcorrect when trying to think through our births as Christians. There can be ditches on either side of the spectrum we want to avoid:

1.New Ages ideologies have infiltrated the “natural birth” culture. It can be hard to discern New age beliefs and Christian beliefs, especially when it comes to birth because Christians are sadly not talking about birth often, and the New Age movement is not quite on. Spiritualism and Christianity are not the same things, even if some of their vocabulary are similar. 

2. Feminism has also infiltrated the natural birth community. It can be easy to fall into a mindset of “empowerment” and “I am woman, hear me roar” mindsets. We need to remember that our bodies are not our own. Although as a woman, YOU are the one physically going through labor, you and your husband are one. You should be making decisions together about your pregnancy and birth. This is why we encourage you as a couple to learn as much as you can about birth and be very prayerful over the decisions. In the case of differing philosophies however, God gave us husbands to love us and help lead us, and we should have hearts that desire to submit to their loving leadership. 

3.Because there can be false teaching in the “natural birth” culture, it can be temping to just swing to the other side . …….doctors, humanistic ideologies,  

God designed the birth process to go a specific way. It is important for us as believers to understand this process in order to reduce risk.

  • God is sovereign over birth, and every single detail of it. We are not.  
  • Sin has entered the world through the fall (Gen 3) which means birth doesn’t always go the way God originally created it to go. 
  • God uses pregnancy and birth as a time of growth and sanctification. 
  • There are choices we can make during pregnancy and birth that can lead to a snowball effects of unnecessary interventions. 
  • There is no one “right way” to give birth. This doesn’t mean that birth doesn’t matter. We should be seeking to honor God with our entire lives. (1 Cor. 10:31)
  • We can very easily fall into sinful attitudes about both using and not using certain interventions and where we choose to give birth. It is important that we remember the difference between principles and methods and seek the Lord for wisdom and a right attitude about the decisions we are making. 


We do have a responsibility to be good stewards of our bodies, to grow and raise our children unto the Lord, and ultimately the responsibility of making choices for our births. It is not the responsibility of our doctors, midwives, or opinions around us. God gave that responsibility to us. We do not, however, have control over the outcome. Just as God is the sovereign one who controls conception and who very clearly opens and closes wombs, He is the sovereign one who controls and cares for every detail of our walks in pregnancy and birth.



We have a passion for Christian couples to be equipped and encouraged during their pregnancy and birth.

  • We want couples to see His work in their lives throughout their pregnancy, labor and parenting experiences, surrendering it all to Him.
  • We desire for couples to know the Lord’s sovereignty and loving care through the details of their pregnancies and births. 
  • We hope to encourage couples to own the responsibility of the gift of life God has given them to parent, even from the womb. 
At Surrender Birth we hope to accomplish this through the following foundational structure. 



Surrender your birth for His glory.

This is the HEART of Surrender.


Verb: to yield to the power, control, or possession of another whom we recognize is greater than ourselves.

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