Psalm 27:14

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”

Waiting…it’s like a bad word, right? We live in a culture in which we rarely have to wait these days.  Phones, internet, fast food…it’s all about more and faster.  Yet for all of time, the Lord has been asking us to be patient, to wait on Him, to petition Him and trust His timing.

It’s even harder for those of us who like to “get things done” or who work at a “fast pace.”  Patience is like a unicorn: seldom seen and possibly not even a real concept at times.  But God has so much more for us if we can press in and take to heart a faithful waiting on the Lord.

We often interpret His “silence” in our prayers as being ignored by God. Sweet sisters, HE NEVER IGNORES YOU.  It was His idea for you to pray and bring your requests before Him.  He asks us to come before His throne with all our hearts’ desires. He LOVES you deeply, and when your heart glorifies Him, He feels soft to your needs and desires. We see this many times in His word.

The question that waiting begs is, DO WE TRUST HIM?

Do we come to Him easily for what we want and desire with a heart full of how He can best serve us? Is He a means to an end?

Or do we come to Him truly seeking His will for our lives, building relationship and trust, willing to patiently wait for His answer, knowing with confidence that He provides the best for us, even when the answer looks a little different than we desire?

We so often believe we know what would be best and in what timing it would make the most sense.  But when we surrender to the Lord, we ultimately give up our preconceptions and ideals as to timing, instead fully embracing His will for our lives.  We wait for Him with reverence and a healthy fear of the Lord, knowing full well how much He loves us.

As these days pass you by, expecting your little one to arrive, preparing for labor with a heart full of trust and patience for His will, we pray you will find an overwhelming peace in WAITING ON THE LORD.  During this time, we pray you will come before His throne with your heart’s desires, grow more intimately in your relationship with Him, and SURRENDER FOR HIS GLORY.

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