Psalm 115:1

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!”

This verse is very special to us here at Surrender Birth. It is the heartbeat of Surrender Birth to encourage, educate and equip couples to birth for God’s glory.

We live in a culture where we want rights. We want to make choices for ourselves and our happiness. Our natural orientation is to be focused on self. Our sinful hearts will desire our own glory and happiness in every situation.

We want our births to go how we envision them to go. We want our children to behave well. We want our babies to be good sleepers. We want our family to be healthy. We want our toddlers to obey.

These are not bad things to desire, but the heart behind these desires must be For His Glory, not our own.

We must desire His Glory, not our comfort. His Glory, not our convenience. His Glory, not our control. 

Oh friend, my prayer is that the Lord would renew our hearts in Christ. That He would increase our desires for His Glory in all areas of our lives. That we would understand more each day of His steadfast love for us. That we would get glimpses of His faithfulness even in suffering and trials.

We pray that your love for His Word would increase as you meditate on His word. We hope these free tools will assist you!

We want to provide you with tools to memorize Scripture, so here is a printable and iPhone lockscreen at the bottom. Enjoy & Share!

Psalm 115 Printable Psalm 115 -iPhone-Background

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