Philippians 4:19

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

We like to think we know what our needs are. Sometimes we may know what we think we need, but we don’t actually know with certainty what our needs are.

God asks us to go to Him with our needs. Place them before Him, and He will supply every single one of our needs.

Now, this can seem confusing, because I know there have been plenty of times where I have prayed for something very specific, believing very confidently that it was a need, and God said “no.”

How then can Scripture tell us that God will supply our every need here in Philippians 4:19?

I think what we need to look at is this the second half of the verse: “according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” 

Yes, He is faithful. He will supply every one of our needs. What we have to consider is that just because we think it’s a need doesn’t mean it is one.

God knows our needs WAY better than we do. So even when we are facing a situation where we think we know the clear need, if He doesn’t meet it, we don’t actually need it for his glory. 

You can rest now, mama. If you need it for His glory, He WILL provide it. If He doesn’t provide something you think you need, He will provide in another way.

God can take the little we have (ability, time, energy, money, knowledge, patience) and provide for what we actually need.

God wants us to be in a place where our lack is obvious and our need is great.

So, He may provide for what you think you need, or He may provide in another way, but however He provides, we can trust Him with our needs.  What seems like a lot to us is nothing for God. He can provide in our lack. He will provide for your true needs, true needs, rather than things you think you need.

For further reading, take a look at Mark 6:30-44. This is a very familiar story, but don’t allow that to steal what the Lord wants to teach you through this right now. Open these verses up, and before you begin to read them, pray that the Lord would give you eyes to see this story differently. That He would teach your heart about your true needs, and ask yourself, who are you really relying on in your need?

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