Resting in Him: Nicole

  Resting in Him: Nicole’s Birth Testimony When we found out we were expecting our first child, we knew we wanted to go completely natural. We took natural birthing classes, we watched multiple documentaries and YouTube videos, we met with our doula and midwife – on paper everything felt perfect and planned out. I was […]

His Mercy Is New Every Morning

Passage to Read: Lamentations 3:21-24 Lamentations is a book with tears. A lot of tears. Jeremiah expresses much sadness in the book of Lamentations. His grief ran deep and the tears shed were not self-centered tears. Jeremiah wept because the people had rejected their God. He knew the selfishness and sinfulness of the people would bring […]

God Redeems Birth: Arey

We make plans for birth, but sometimes regardless of how hard we plan, things change. God is Sovereign, He is faithful. You can rest your little planning mind, Surrender those plans, and rest in the knowledge that He knows exactly how your birth will play out. He will provide endurance when we hope in Him. […]

Endurance In The Hard

Passage to read: Hebrews 10:19-39 Verse to Memorize: Hebrews 10:35-36 Life is hard. Sometimes it is downright exhausting. As I was preparing and praying over this week focusing on endurance, I had one of those weeks. You know them. Everything seems to be in complete chaos, and I just wanted to be done. I wanted […]

Giver of Strength: Abby

This birth testimony is Abby’s story with her third child.   My pregnancy with Selah was one of the most difficult things I have been through, both physically and mentally. The Lord challenged me, taught me, and guided me so much in the months leading up to her birth, and her birth story is no different. […]

Learning to Surrender – Birthing For His Glory

Birth is hard. Birth is intense. Birth can be long, but birth is a perfect picture of our need for God. God wants us to surrender to Him, He wants us to die to ourselves and rest in His peace. This is not only true for our daily lives but also so very true for our birthing time.

Surrendering Your Family Size {How Many Is Too Many?}

I have yet to find anywhere in Scripture that says that children are a curse or a burden. I will say however, that having two young children is a lot of work and responsibility. Some days I go to bed in tears and exhausted. This is not because I shouldn’t of had them, but rather it is because I am trying to parent them by my strength and not the Lord’s strength.

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