We Plan, The Lord Directs: Katie

Katie’s Birth Testimony So, where to begin? Birth plans. Oh yes, a written birth plan is wonderful. But God’s plans are more powerful. Nothing really went according to my written birth plan, but what was important to me was that I tried. I fought tooth and nail to have my baby the way I wanted. […]

Giving Up Control: Theresa

The greatest fear arises in us when we place our trust in being control over a situation. We all do it. We all want to know how the story ends, what is going to happen. We want a say. In birth, especially, we have little control. We need to place more hope in our sovereign […]

Rooted in Love: Betsy

It was such an honor to be able to be at this birth and watch God pour His love over this sweet couple. I pray this Birth Testimony encourages you that even if birth doesn’t go as you plan, He loves you so very much, and you can rest in that truth.    Betsy’s Testimony […]

Your Ways are Not Our Ways: Amanda

Amanda’s Birth Testimony Dear Lord, I write this letter today, 17 days postpartum, after giving birth to Molly. Right away I feel the tears welling in my eyes, the pain in my throat, the flood of emotion as I come to terms yet again that her birth, as beautiful and amazing as it was, was […]

Trusting God with My Baby: Terah

Terah’s Testimony It was a Wednesday evening just after dinner time that I started feeling very “off.” I had been having contractions for a couple of days about 7 minutes apart. I was told I was dilated to a 5. “Any minute now” is what everyone assured me. This particular evening, I was feeling very worn […]

Resting in Him: Nicole

  Resting in Him: Nicole’s Birth Testimony When we found out we were expecting our first child, we knew we wanted to go completely natural. We took natural birthing classes, we watched multiple documentaries and YouTube videos, we met with our doula and midwife – on paper everything felt perfect and planned out. I was […]

Birth Plans Are Not Always God’s Plans: Adrienne

I can’t tell you how many Christian mamas I have talked to that have said “I just didn’t really think about inviting God into my birth.” This is really common, and even my experience during my first birth. This is why we want to share Birth Testimonies and tools to help you because Christ should be […]

Three Births, One Story – Hope: Natalie

God used Natalie’s three very different births and weaved them together for His Glory. There are times in life when we are thrown a curveball, and we don’t know how we will survive it. As we have seen from studying our Verse of the Week, even during great trial and darkness, we can have hope. […]

Suffering Produces Endurance: Amy

Amy has been an encouragement and prayer warrior for me (Abby). It has been a joy to see, from different parts of the States, Jesus work in her life as a doula and a mama. We are honored to read and share this sweet story of Christ providing endurance during her most recent birth. Amy’s […]

God Redeems Birth: Arey

We make plans for birth, but sometimes regardless of how hard we plan, things change. God is Sovereign, He is faithful. You can rest your little planning mind, Surrender those plans, and rest in the knowledge that He knows exactly how your birth will play out. He will provide endurance when we hope in Him. […]

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