Our Faithful God: Jessica

It’s hard to say how God was involved in this birth because I can’t see any way He wasn’t! It was His project from beginning to end, and I was privileged enough to be invited into it. And now I feel a stronger conviction to raise my kiddos as His beloved children.

Birth Plans Are Not Always God’s Plans: Adrienne

I can’t tell you how many Christian mamas I have talked to that have said “I just didn’t really think about inviting God into my birth.” This is really common, and even my experience during my first birth. This is why we want to share Birth Testimonies and tools to help you¬†because Christ should be […]

Our Refuge in the Storm: Michelle

Although there are a lot of Birth Testimonies being shared that don’t go according to plan, this is an amazing reminder to us that God uses these times. The times when plans change and birth plays out differently than we expected. He uses these times to draw us near Him, to be our refuge and […]

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