Giving Up Control: Theresa

The greatest fear arises in us when we place our trust in being control over a situation. We all do it. We all want to know how the story ends, what is going to happen. We want a say. In birth, especially, we have little control. We need to place more hope in our sovereign […]

Your Ways are Not Our Ways: Amanda

Amanda’s Birth Testimony Dear Lord, I write this letter today, 17 days postpartum, after giving birth to Molly. Right away I feel the tears welling in my eyes, the pain in my throat, the flood of emotion as I come to terms yet again that her birth, as beautiful and amazing as it was, was […]

Resting in Him: Nicole

  Resting in Him: Nicole’s Birth Testimony When we found out we were expecting our first child, we knew we wanted to go completely natural. We took natural birthing classes, we watched multiple documentaries and YouTube videos, we met with our doula and midwife – on paper everything felt perfect and planned out. I was […]

Our Refuge in the Storm: Michelle

Although there are a lot of Birth Testimonies being shared that don’t go according to plan, this is an amazing reminder to us that God uses these times. The times when plans change and birth plays out differently than we expected. He uses these times to draw us near Him, to be our refuge and […]

Comfort in Changing Plans

Planning for your birth is so important. It is important to make wise choices and informed choices. Sometimes, though, even with our diligent planning, birth doesn’t unfold as expected. A mama shares with us how God continues to be our comfort even when plans change.

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