Birth doesn’t always go as planned. Life doesn’t always go as planned. Through the trial and hardship, God is still good. I have never seen this lived out more than watching Kristin go through the loss of her baby girl while still in the womb. Even in the pain and despair, Kristin still praises Jesus and proclaims God’s goodness.
Join me as we talk to Kristin Schmucker about her daughter Sophia’s birth. God is good, even in death. Kristin and Jeremy

1. What was your view of labor and birth before Sophia’s birth?

I have always been pretty open minded about birth and different options during birth. I definitely thought a successful birth was one that ended with a healthy baby and mama.

2. How has your perception of pregnancy and birth changed since Sophia was born?

I think I realize so much more now how precious each moment is. It is so easy to complain about all the aches and pains of pregnancy, but each moment carrying our children is a precious gift from our Creator.

3. I’m sure you are still learning and growing from Sophia’s death, but what is the biggest thing God has taught you through this experience?

So many things! Shortly after Sophia passed away, someone told us to allow our theology to drive our grieving. We knew before Sophia died that God was good, and just because we faced suffering, it did not change the truth of who God was and the truth that we knew to be true. I have learned that we need to cling to the Lord, and though we don’t understand, He is always good.

4. How would you define a successful birth?

I think a successful birth is the birth that God has planned for you. Of course, as mothers, we do lots of research and find out the healthiest things for our babies and plan out the birth that we want, and that is good. But in all our planning, we have to remember that God already knows the birth that we will have, and His plan is always better than our own.

5. How has your current pregnancy been impacted by Sophia’s birth?

Pregnancy after loss is a scary thing to face. Everything seems very unknown, and it is easy to let anxiety grip you, but God has been so faithful to me through this pregnancy. Sophia’s birth showed me very much that I am not in control, and though that is scary, it is also comforting to know that He has a plan, and His plan will prevail. My worry does not change the situation. It is a constant reminder to trust the Lord. It is not always easy, but it is always worth it.

6. In what ways do you feel like God is asking for you to surrender for this upcoming birth?

Surrender has been huge for me during this entire pregnancy, and the same is true as I prepare to birth another precious baby. I think that God has just been showing me again and again that His plan is good. I like to be in control of things, and birth is something you can’t really be in control of. It is a process of surrendering my plans and my preferences for this baby.

7. How has God been given glory through Sophia’s birth?

When we found out that Sophia had passed away, and of course we knew that I would be delivering her in the next days, a lot of people said things about how horrible it was to have to go through labor and all the pain and emotion and not walk away with a healthy baby. Labor is hard, but I can say that I have never felt God’s presence like I did in that delivery room. God walked with us every step of the way. Now through the past year, we have seem people draw closer to the Lord because of Sophia’s life. It is amazing to see her short life bring glory to the Lord.

8. How has preparing for a third birth been the same, and different, after Sophia’s birth?

In many ways it has been the same; I think there is always a bit of anxiousness going into birth because of the unknowns. And that is when we as mothers need to just come back to trusting the Lord. I think the difference is that I am much more aware of things that could go wrong, but again that is just a way that points back to having to trust the Lord.

9. What Scripture or phrase do you cling to for comfort?

The beginning of 2 Corinthians 12:9 that says, “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” I think birth is the best reminder of His strength in us.


Kristin now seeks to encourage others to cling to Him. She has an online shop that was created to help you to immerse yourself with Scripture. She has written a few devotionals along with some other wonderful things like mugs and totes!
Would you join me in lifting Kristin up in prayer during these final weeks of her third pregnancy? The end of a pregnancy is so hard for many different reasons. After a loss like Kristin went through, I’m sure Satan will try to discourage, fear, and paralyze Kristin and her husband Jeremy. Let’s pray with them and for them!
Go read a bit more about Kristin and how God used her story to change my view of a Successful Birth.

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