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My second pregnancy was full of discovery and new found faith as I began to intently study scriptures about childbirth and God promises. I felt at peace to surrender my pregnancy, labor and birth of our second born to God, as he designed it and for his Glory.

I experienced the first signs of labor on Saturday at noon. My immediate thought was this could be it, but with our first he was born three days after I started showing signs, so I told my husband, we prayed and we continued on with our day. By 3pm I started to feel contractions, but was not positive because they were all over the place. I laid down for a nap, but couldn’t sleep because I had some odd back pain with my contractions, so I began to play Surrender Birth’s CD while in bed. By 5 p.m. contractions became more developed, but not consistent. The pain in my back began to concern me, but I stayed in prayer. We had guests for dinner and it kept me moving and taking one contraction at a time. By 7 p.m. contractions became more consistent and for the first time I thought, we may have a baby tonight! My sister came over at 8:30 p.m. to take care of our toddler and my husband and I tried to relax through my contractions (and back labor, I hadn’t realized I was experiencing). I timed my contractions at 10 minutes apart lying down but five minutes apart when up and moving around, with intense back pain. By 9 p.m. we decided to go to the hospital so I could get checked. We said goodbye to our toddler, who was so sweet blowing us kisses and telling me he loves me. Our 20 minute drive to the hospital I had four intense contractions, but I experienced such comfort in the worship music playing over the stereo.

We arrived at the hospital and walked up to labor and delivery. They checked my progress and praise God I was 8 cm dilated! I began to labor on my knees. The nurses quickly tried to get my IV in my arm to start antibiotics, and had to instead place the IV in my hand. They finished the paperwork and called my Doctor and wheeled me into a delivery room. I continued to labor with intense pressure in my back. I told myself over and over “Thank you Lord for giving me what I need for this contraction”. I told myself to relax through my contractions, asked God to be with me and that “I surrender”. The Doctor soon arrived and it was agreed that my water would be broken for me, given that I was not progressing past 8 cm. Soon, my contractions intensified and I was asked if I felt the urge to push? I did not and given my previous birth experience of having an epidural, I had nothing to compare to a “pushing feeling”. I was tired, my back labor was wearing me down fast and I tried to push, but the baby was not low enough, nor my dilation complete. My Doctor suggested an epidural given the intense back labor and my lack of being able to concentrate through the contraction; nor did he want me laboring for hours in such pain. I img_3892agreed to the epidural and he told me I had not failed and I was doing wonderfully.

My husband and I were left alone for a many minutes, having a moment to connect and share some tears. I was laboring on my side holding him and the contractions continued. In a moment I knew I was in transition and it might be soon, I asked God for strength. The nurse told me that they began to give me fluids for the epidural and then I started to ask how long I would have to wait. Just then my contractions began to compound on one-another and I felt the urge to push! I couldn’t help the natural urge to push, yet it felt as my back was going to break if I pushed. I yelled for the epidural and nurse informed me that I couldn’t have it because I only had 500 of 1500 units of fluid. I told her I needed to push and she encouraged me to follow my body. Soon she decided to check me and to her amazement the baby’s head was crowning! She yelled for the nurses to call the Doctor and everyone began to scramble. She told my husband to come and look at the baby’s head in order to encourage me. My husband came to my side with such excitement and just the img_3899right words of encouragement. He took my hand to feel the baby’s head, I was amazed too. In moments, everyone was there, coaching me. I had got the head out, then a couple of pushes for the shoulders. One more for the rest of the body and then a baby was placed on my stomach.  I looked down to see a beautiful face and looked to see it was a girl! I turned to my husband and told him he got a dark hair baby girl, just as he prayed for!  He was in a momentary shock and I lifted her leg to prove it. She was perfect.

In the coming moments I would learn that our daughter was born at 12:55 a.m., under three hoursimg_3900 from coming to the hospital!  Prayer for a quick delivery answered! Praise God!  I learned that once I agreed to an epidural, everything went wrong for the nurses. My IV would not allow fluids to easily be administered because of its location and I would end up ripping my IV out trying to labor on my side. Prayer for no epidural answered! Praise God! The nurse had technical glitches with ordering the epidural, physically gathering the epidural and with the IV that she couldn’t understand, giving me the time I needed for my body to stretch, give and birth as God design my body to do. I didn’t get a full dose of antibiotic because they tried to prep me for the epidural, praise God another answered prayer!  I didn’t tear or need anepisiotomy! Answered prayer! God is so good. He answered all of my prayers for our birth, even though pain; my faith growing evermore in Him and his word. He was with us guiding every moment, praise God! Looking back it was such a beautiful experience and just as God intended. All the glory to Him!

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  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Our God is so beautiful! Your story of answered prayer with constant reliance upon God is “Fabulously Beautiful”!!!

    I can’t wait to meet Amy Eileen Wickman! To God Be the Glory!

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