When I was pregnant, I loved to read birth stories. I loved reading every detail of a mama’s journey meeting her baby. I always encouraged my clients and friends to write their birth stories to remember the details of that time. The details of a birth story are beautiful, but our focus as Believers of Jesus Christ should not be on what we did or didn’t do during our births. It should be on what He did or didn’t do!

There are plenty of birth stories out there to read, and I camped out on Birth Without Fear blog reading loads of them during my pregnancy. One thing that was harder to find, however, were birth testimonies. I was hungry to read about the ways in which the Lord weaved His glory into these stories. I struggled to find stories that shared this, so I wanted to create a space where mamas can come and be encouraged by how the Lord works in birth in different ways, as well as a place where you can share your own birth testimony.

How did God work in your birth? What did He convict you on? What choices were you led to make after surrendering your birth to Him? How did He meet you during labor? How was He faithful to provide strength in your weakness? In what ways was He your refuge and strength?

Your story matters! Sharing and reading about how the Lord worked in birth for His glory is what you will find here. This space is to share just that, His glory in your story. There is no wrong way to birth. Maybe you had a birth experience that was hard, and not what you wanted or expected. Maybe you had a birth where you didn’t surrender it to Jesus. Maybe you had a birth where everything seemed to go wrong, but you can see now how it went exactly as it should have, for His glory. And maybe you had a beautiful birth where you leaned into Him, and He supplied your strength. Whatever your birth story is, share it! Share the testimony of our faithful God in birth.

You may have written your birth story out before, and it is wonderful to have all of the details to look back on and remember, but a birth testimony is slightly different. Although it will include details of your birth, the focus is on what the Lord did through your birth rather than on what you did. Let’s join as sisters in Christ, and share our stories to encourage each other to birth for His glory, and not our own. Use the hashtag #birthingforhisglory to document and encourage each other to do just that!

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