Understand How God Created the Birth Process


2 Day Intensive:

October 14th & 21st, 2023


Mesa, AZ


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Photography Doula Dianne of Arizona

CLASS THREE- October 21st 

Understanding Birth

This class examines the physiological process God designed for birth as we discuss the hormonal, physical, and emotional changes that happen during labor and delivery.

Photography Doula Dianne of Arizona

CLASS FOUR- October 21st

Care During Labor

We discuss the best ways to comfort and support a woman during the birth process and brainstorm what things might help the process and what may hinder it. 

Photography Doula Dianne of Arizona


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Currently this class is held in a home setting in Mesa, AZ. The crossroads are Alma School and 202. The address will be shared upon registration.

The in person classes cost $100 for all classes. There will not be make-up classes if you can’t come to a class and the classes will not be recorded so be sure to add the dates to the calendar so you don’t miss any. 

Yes! Husbands are not only able but HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to take this class with you. We understand when circumstances prevent this from being possible but our goal at Surrender Birth is to equip couples and we think it is very helpful to have husbands as involved as possible in the learning and decision making process.

Unfortunately due to space restrictions and the amount of content we are covering we ask that you find other arrangements for your other children.

Yes! We cover basics and dive deeper into these different topics. Many first time couples feel prepared and equipped after taking this class. Our aim is to equip couples from a variety of different birth histories to steward the responsibility well that God has given with each new pregnancy.

Yes. Although we don’t cover all the possible things you may face with a hospital birth, we do teach the importance of learning what is happening in your body during pregnancy and labor in order to understand how to best evaluate additional interventions that may be needed and the different models of care.

Yes. It is best to be prepared with knowledge and ways of coping with labor. The best tool we have for birth is to be as knowledgeable as possible about what’s happening in our bodies and why. God designed this process and it helps to understand what that process is, even if you are planning to have pain relief at some point in your labor. It is usually advised to wait until active labor to get pain relief and so it is helpful to know ways to cope with labor until that point.

You are most definitely welcome to take this class if you are not a Christian. However, we are unapologetically teaching from a Reformed Christian Worldview, and believe God’s Word is the standard from which we gain knowledge and understanding.

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